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Smart apps for Windows 10/11 - clock, backup, slideshow...
Easy-to-use, automate daily tasks!
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  • round clock is an eye-catcher on every desktop
  • photo-slideshow for your best images!
  • time/date free-moveable on your desktop
  • automatic backup for full ease-of-mind
  • color picker with spectrum of light
  • moon phase with large live picture
  • screen saver for OLEDs
  • and so much more...
Fast access to your audio-volume:
  • easy-to-use slider - move anywhere on your desktop!
  • ideal on a second monitor where you always have direct access
  • no need to click: just turn your mouse-wheel over the app!
  • more...
Time+date on your desktop:
  • Sunrise and sunset times for your location
  • cute mini-calendar
  • time zone with custom name
  • "true" solar time
  • different date options
  • UTC and/or daylight saving times
  • Seconds, 12/24-hour, am/pm optional
  • font size scales with window size!
  • more...
So much more than a round clock:
  • all time zones with custom name
  • many day-date options
  • sunrise/sunset indicators
  • "true" local solar time
  • binary clock!
  • fast display using DirectX
  • scale the size seamlessly!
  • different colors...
Count the days until next Full Moon!
  • Exact time of next full moon or new moon
  • Number of days easy to calculate and remember
  • North and south hemispheres
  • Large picture updated every hour!
  • more...
Spectrum Color Picker
Full and Incremental Backup
  • works fully automatic!
  • Daily changes...
  • ...Full Backup...
  • ...or ALL VERSIONS!
  • all your files go into a zip file, easy to copy
  • watch it happen with clear feedback!
  • Which backup should I use?
Protect sensitive files!
  • encrypt a folder to keep it from preying eyes
  • easy, one-button operation!
  • secure your sensitive files with strong encryption
  • build on-top of popular 7-Zip
  • more...
Black screen to protect your new OLED!
  • screen saver that only covers one monitor (your OLED!)
  • Not-a-screen-saver: Your second monitor stays visible
  • Does NOT wake up on mouse-move: you can still work on the second monitor! (show new messages, time+date, current playlist...)
  • Much faster than turning the monitor off/turning back on! (can take up to 8 seconds every time...)
  • Single button operation
  • Kicks in automatically after a configurable time
  • protect your OLED and possibly enhance its life span! (because it doesn't get as warm)
  • Save energy: OLEDs actually use less power when turned darker or black
  • Does NOT flash white (like the Windows 'Blank' screen saver) when turning on and off
  • optional clock display (digital, analog, date)
  • Why use a screen saver?
  • Tips for OLEDs
Photo-viewer and slideshow
  • ← → scan through pictures really fast
  • double-loading for fast display
  • smooth transition for nice slideshows
  • profiles for different folders, speeds, sort order
  • speed in minutes, (milli-)seconds, or beats-per-minute
  • high-precision timing down to 0.001 ms for effects
  • password-protected profile
  • more...
  • mini-browser to display a part of a webpage
  • great for weather, stocks, or changing data
  • make the page as small as possible but still show the info
  • for example weather from your favorite weather service
  • for example stocks from your favorite markets update
  • more...
  • put this button anywhere on your desktop, easy to reach!
  • sleep automatically at a configured time
  • automatically run full backup, then turn off your computer!
  • optionally, only turn off the monitor
  • more...
Turn your monitor into a ring light!
  • HDR colors, 12-bit, rec.2020 specification
  • ring with variable border-size, or full-color
  • temperature in Kelvin!
  • Kelvin integrated over the full CIE 1931 XYZ spectral power distribution
  • white point between 600 and 12000 Kelvin
  • supports Kelvin and RGB colors
  • sliders for temperature, hue, brightness, saturation
  • If you are into meditation use your favorite color to get into the right mood!
  • In a video call the ring puts a nice reflection in your eyes!
  • Tips for OLEDs
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