12Gadgets: Smart Apps for Windows!
Time+date on your desktop:
  • Sunrise and sunset times for your location
  • cute mini-calendar
  • time zone with custom name
  • "true" solar time
  • different date options
  • UTC and/or daylight saving times
  • Seconds, 12/24-hour, am/pm optional
  • font size scales with window size!
Enter your location
To protect your privacy we don't request your location from Windows automatically. If you are worried about privacy you may want to enter the location of the next big city, for example.
To enter your location, click the globe next to 'Sunrise', then click the button 'Get Location'. If Windows knows your location it will enter coordinates automatically.
For a more exact location which may affect sunrise/sunset times by a few minutes, open your favorite map (Google/Microsoft/Apple) and right-click to get the exact coordinates - two decimals are more than enough. (Note, if you play around with different locations, times are always at *your* local time, including DST if applicable.)
Note, whenever you travel with your notebook you might want to check the location again!
How do you calculate sunrise?
Then sun rises at different times every day everywhere on the planet. You can't just use a table to look it up. If you are curious, we first calculate the current distance of the sun for the apparent sun diameter, add an altitude of -35/60' for the Earth's atmosphere refraction, and solve the equation of time caused by the obliquity of the ecliptic and the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit. Cool stuff, really, look it up!

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