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Version 9.12 (Sep 12, 2023):
  + minor enhancements and optimizations
  - Black: fixed crash after wake-up under certain conditions
  - Moon: fixed 'days until' text not visible in Light mode
  + loading much faster, needs less memory!
  + sort by file name or by full path
  + show filename, number/of total (optional)
Version 9.5 (Sep 5, 2023):
  + many smaller enhancements and optimizations
  + default settings revised, should be less confusing now
  + mini-calendar with 3 or 4 lines (optional)
  + verify 7z.exe before every start
  + passwords with spaces are now processed properly
  + encrypted zip file in Protected profile (add-on)
  + use of RAM disk for fast display!
  + handling of password and hash enhanced
     (if you already have a protected profile, sorry, you'll have to create a new profile)
Version 8.24 (Aug 24, 2023):
  + smaller enhancements and bug fixing
Protect: NEW!
  + encrypt a folder to keep it from preying eyes
  + easy, one-button operation!
  + protect sensitive files with strong encryption
  + build on-top of popular 7-Zip
  + hexadecimal date (perfect match to the binary clock...)
  + change background color
  + change round background color
  + Kelvin slider: easily select any temperature (toggle with K)
Version 8.16 (Aug 16, 2023):
All apps:
  + app-size at startup wrong in some cases, corrected
  + square/16:9 apps too big in some cases, corrected
  + change custom background color of all apps (in Main)
  + remember most-recent colors automatically
  + brightness slider with colors (actual rec.2020 colors, mind you,
      this is not just some gradient with percentages...)
  + layout and controls straightened out
  + quarter-resolution for even faster display (add-on)
  + show app on taskbar and Alt+Tab (optional)
  + close on Esc (optional)
  + change color picker background itself
Version 8.11 (Aug 11, 2023):
 + many smaller enhancements and optimizations
Moon: major update!
 + bigger picture! 1080x1080!
 + the moon color itself can be changed! (add-on)
 + easy to choose colors with our Colors app
 + next full/new moon dates nice-y-fied
 + pre-loading of large picture optimized
 + time color can be changed!
 + easy to choose colors with our Colors app
 + time zones can now be customized WITHOUT add-on!
 + remember custom colors
 + preview optional
 + rounding error on paste, corrected
 + selection with keys more precise
 + locked window-override with ALT
Version 7.25 (July 25, 2023):
 + many smaller enhancements and optimizations
Light: NEW!
 + Turn your monitor into a ring light!
 + ring with variable border-size, or full-screen
 + HDR colors, 12-bit, rec.2020 specification
 + temperature in Kelvin!
 + Kelvin integrated over the full CIE 1931 XYZ spectral power distribution
 + white point between 600 and 12000 Kelvin
 + sliders for temperature, hue, brightness, saturation
 Color-of-day: NEW!
 + see time through colors!
 + like a color wheel, the color changes over time:
    6 am = red
    10 am = yellow
    2 pm = green
    6 pm = turquoise
    10 pm = blue
 + and everything in between
 Clock: enhanced demo mode:
 + faster or slower
 + slider to move time back and forth
 + watch how the date moves out of the way
 + see how color-of-day changes over 24 hours
 + lock browser to prevent mouse-clicks
 + refresh every 1-480 minutes
 + clear browser history and cookies
 + click and easily select colors outside of triangle
 + you can now also paste color values
Version 7.12 (July 12, 2023):
 + smaller bugs corrected
 + 2 NEW APPS!! getting close to 12...
Browser: NEW!
 + mini-browser to display a part of a webpage
 + great for weather, stocks, or changing data
 + make the page as small as possible but still show the info
 + for example weather from your favorite weather service
 + for example stocks from your favorite markets update
 Calendar: NEW!
 + small, moveable calendar
 + place it anywhere on your desktop
 + scroll through months or years
 + up arrow key didn't always work, corrected
 + protected profile with password instead of just a PIN
Version 7.1 (July 1, 2023):
Colors: NEW!
 + Color picker? THIS is a color picker!
 + 16-bit colors!
 + triangle as in "three colors"!
 + color spectrum (1 nm steps)
 + Kelvin line
 + rec.2020 and sRGB
 + CIE 1931 XYZ
 + DCI-P3/Adobe/Aces outlines
Clock: now with time zones!
 + all time zones customizable
 + optimized for waaay less CPU/GPU load!
 + more Day-Date options
 + sunrise/sunset indicators
 + solar time
 + binary clock!
 + Add a time zone as well!
 + date (optional)
Version 6.10 (June 10, 2023)
Time: bigger font sizes!
 + display now scales with window size
 + show the time as large as you want!
Backup: keep ALL versions!
 + detect file changes and copy immediately
 + keep ALL versions like a time machine!
 + incremental daily backups for the smallest possible backup
Sleep: run backup before!
 + go to sleep automatically at a set time
 + run full backup before sleep!
 + option to only turn off screen
 + title and mini-close button on mouse-over
 + Photos: size always 16:9 (like Time)
 + Volume: option to change the sound output
Version 5.3
Round Clock: NEW
 + Who else's been missing a round clock?
 + smooth seconds (optional)
 + date (optional)
 + date moves out of the way of minute/hour hand!
 + 3 color schemes + accent color
 + 3 shapes: rounded/angular/pointy
 + pixel shift for burn-in protection
Black displays an analog clock as well!
Moon window is always square now (like the round clock)
bugs corrected:
 + Volume: selection of audio device corrected
Version 5.2
Backup: NEW!
 + it works automatically
 + all your files go into a ZIP file
 + watch how it happens with clear feedback
 + you can exclude files to save time
Photos: NEW!
 + smooth slide-show
 + profiles for different folders
 + speed in seconds or beats-per-minute
Black made easier:
 + idle time counter
 + snooze +1 hour
 + reverse screens (if 2 or 3 monitors)
 + hide cursor over black screen
Time got a bit nicer:
 + Sunday in red (optional)
 + calendar with month+year on mouse-over
 + bar under sunrise/sunset times
 + separator line
 + calendar background and border optional
 + 'Night' color mode - darker than dark!
 + sort main menu: put your favorite apps at the top
 + unused apps are grayed out
Version 5.1
Black: NEW!
 + screen-saver, important to protect your new OLED!
 + if you have 2 monitors: only 1 screen goes dark, the other is still accessible!
 + large clock visible from far away
 + this is like a live picture of the current moon!
 + large picture updated once an hour
 + see the exact date of the next full/new moon
 + mini-calendar build in!
 + "true" local solar time
 + sunrise and sunset for your location!
Version 4.15
 + count the days till next full/new moon
 + large picture of moon phase (from northern or southern hemisphere)
 + time and date always visible
 + small, movable window
 + customizable month/year combos
 + quick access to your audio volume
 + just mouse-wheel over the slider!
 + single-click to quickly put your device into power saving
 + light/dark support
 + save position of all 12Gadgets

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